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Inkjet Printer

Inkjet Printer

Inkjet Printer

Integrating the reliability of gear pump and the wear resistance of diaphragm pump, this machine has created the unique stability and economical efficiency. The more humane operation system, in combination of many international top-end technologies, displays its excellence on stability and flexibility.

Technical Specifications

Printing Line Number

1, 2 Line(7*5, 7*7 bitmap)

Bitmap Font

7*5, 7*7, 10*7, 12*12, 16*10, 16*16

Printing Direction

Four-direction regulation of positive sequence, inverted order, reverse and overturns


Printing information in Chinese, English and Figure

Printing Speed

7*5 single-line: 1076 word/s;
7*5 dual-line: 476word/s/line
10*7: 359 word/s; 12*12: 156 word/s;
16*16: 116 word/s

Printing Scope


Available to reach 9 times bold ratio
Automatic displaying product quantity, batch number and code

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