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QGX12-4 6000B/H Filling Capping Machine (2-in-1)

YGX12-4 6000B/H Filling Capping Machine (2-in-1)

QGX12-4 6000B/H Filling Capping Machine (2-in-1)

Function: The high-speed can sealer adopts one pressure head with one primary roll and secondary roll to realize double sealing, making operation more adjustable and able to assort with the filling machine. The drive of the filling machine is supplied by the machine, realizing the absolute stability of both machines. At present, the updated remote computer control system in this company can clearly reflect the equipment application situation of the users to ensure the comprehensive technical support for the appliers.

The filling machine produced in our company adopts the most advanced Italian fixed liquid surface filling valve, especially suitable for the LV liquid filling, such as water, fruit juice, vegetable juice and other foaming liquid (beverage with protein: such as walnut, peanut and almond). Through changing different filling valves and positioning devices, besides zip-top cans, PET bottle and glass bottle can be filled. It can also be assorted with can sealer.


Filling Heads


Sealing Heads


Product Capacity

6,000B/H (500ml)

Applicable Can Height


Applicable Can Diameter


Machine Power


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