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Large Container Plastic Blow Molding Machine

  • plastic blow molding machines - sinco plastic machinery

    Plastic Blow Molding Machines - Sinco Plastic Machinery

    CachedSinco Plastic blow moulding machines can make containers with diameters of 18-120mm. The shape of moulds can be any that you need, depending on your application and ideas. Sinco is always ready to manufacture extrusion blow moulds of a custom shape for you. Sinco Plastic blow moulding machines can be double-station or single-station.

  • large container plastic blow moulding machinery | silver ...

    Large container plastic blow moulding machinery | Silver ...

    CachedLarge blown container forming equipment– plastic blow moulding machinery Large-size blow molding containers used in the size and length of paris are relatively large, generally used plastic blow moulding machinery method, the conventional extrusion device and the general head structure are not suitable for the production of the product, must use a special structure of the squeeze Out of the ...

  • blow molding machine - atenplast

    Blow Molding Machine - Atenplast

    CachedExtrusion blow molding is one of the most common technologies widely applied in the production of plastic containers for decades. By the requirement from the consumer market, the technology has improved in machinery performance and container structure to overcome the price competition, environmental issues, and logistic challenges. Atenplast has accumulated over 30 years of experience in the Co-Extrusion Blow molding machine manufacture.

  • large blow molding machine: what are the classifications of ...

    Large Blow Molding Machine: What are the Classifications of ...

    Cached27/10/2018 · Focus on the 200L-20000L large water tank blow molding machines. Using a more energy-efficient IKV screw, the blow molding machine has a plasticizing capacity 1.5 times faster than similar products. The above is the knowledge that Yankang shared with you about the classification of large blow molding machine screws.

  • hdpe blow moulding machine-sinco machinery

    HDPE Blow Moulding Machine-Sinco Machinery

    CachedThese machines can create containers of different volumes, neck diameters, shapes, and more. Simply contact us to create a machine for your demands. Our HDPE blow moulding machines can have a production speed of 700-30000 bottles per hour—but, 8000 is the most common speed. Container volume can range from 50mL to 160L.

  • hollow blow molding process diagram - blow molding machine


    CachedA large hollow container generally refers to the volume of various plastic barrels in more than 50L of body, tank, storage tank, tank and other large hollow products. The main material of the raw material is polyethylene resin, and the molding process is extrusion blow molding method and rotary molding method.

  • pet bottle manufacturing machine,wide neck blow molding machine

    Pet bottle manufacturing machine,Wide Neck Blow Molding Machine

    Cached2.3×2.1×1.7 (m) Machine weight. 1.8T. 2.5T. Automatic Wide Neck Plastic Bottle Making Machine is hand feeding wide-neck PET jar blow molding machine.It’s best choise for wide-mouth/big neck honey,candy bottles or PET jar. Low cost, high efficiency, easy operation, easy maintenance, etc, with automatic technological process.

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