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3-In-1 Mineral Drinking Water Bottling Machine

  • 8000bph 500ml 3-in-1 mineral water bottling equipment

    8000BPH 500ml 3-in-1 Mineral Water Bottling Equipment

    8000BPH 500ml 3-in-1 Mineral Water Bottling Equipment CGF18-18-6. CGF18-18-6 8000 B/H Washing Filling Capping Machine (3-in-1) China Supplier is mainly applied for the filling of beverage. Integrating with washing, filling and sealing, it realizes full automation in the whole process, suitable for polyester bottle and plastic bottle filling

  • full automatic 3 in 1 bottled pure mineral spring drinking

    Full Automatic 3 In 1 Bottled Pure Mineral Spring Drinking

    CGF series bottled water production line is mainly used in capacity between 200-2000 ml PET bottled water production of different models can provide 2000-36000 bottles per hour of production capacity of the machine will be washing filling sealing various three functions in one body, the whole process of automation, and mineral water, pure water

  • 5l 3 in 1 mineral water bottling machine from china

    5L 3 in 1 Mineral Water Bottling Machine from China

    I)The main purpose and characteristics The filling machine is suitable for 3L To 5L pure water, mineral water and other non-automatic liquid filling gas,its main features are: 1 bottle red card is the

  • 3 in 1 mineral water packing machine , pure drinking water

    3 In 1 Mineral Water Packing Machine , Pure Drinking Water

    Sunswell Machinery water filling machine, using advanced 3-in-1 mineral water filling equipment .The mineral water bottling containing rinsing ,filling and capping ,these operation can be finished in one

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